I just discovered that Tom Henning Øvrebø will be refereeing Tuesdays clash between Arsenal and PSV Eindhoven. I mentioning it because the last two games that Arsenal have played (excluding the away-win at Reebook) has been riddled by bad refereeing (the keywords here are: “Aliadiere”, “Penalty” and “You must be fucking kidding me, referee!?”), and if any Norwegian is up to the task, it’s Øvrebø. Be that as it may; only God or Scott Lynch or any other such divine character should ever be appointed Arsenal, Øvrebø, I suppose, is the next best thing. At best I’m sure he’ll not make a fool out of himself, i.e. giving PSV any form for free kick , penalty or goals 🙂

I’m off to watch “World Trade Center”. See you guys tomorrow!