I, Amras ‘the Great’ Elensar, hereby declare today an international ‘Yay Me!’ day.

This is in accordance with the Laws of Yayness* which clearly states that any person who feels especially yay-worthy or thoroughly awesome, may declare themselves a limited** number of ‘Yay-Days’ to celebrate an especially epic feat that they’ve recently accomplished. You may also declare up to three consecutive days a ‘Yay Me-Holiday’***, though these are heavily restricted and misuse of the ‘Holiday’ possibility will result in a week-long ‘Nay-You!’ correctional behaviour convention where participants are forced to listen to ‘My Chemical Romance’ and watch Japanese animé till their inherent yay-factor is sufficiently lowered****.

Why is this an International ‘Yay Me!’ day?

Because I passed the theoretical part of my Driver’s Exam today on my first try, and I only got a single answer wrong (out of seven). If I had failed this test I’d have to redo it in a fortnight’s time, which would, you know, be inconvenient with all the other tests and exams I have at that time. But the inconvenience would be nothing compared to the amount of ridicule and scorn I avoided by not failing. This would’ve be one of those things that my sisters would hold over my head till the day I die, always reminding and nagging me about the fact that they passed it on their first try and I didn’t. Hah! Showed them, didn’t I?

*A mysterious yet almighty law that only slightly apocalyptic bloggers have full access to.

** Every person (or extra-terrestial that has been granted a temporary citizenship) may declare themselves a number of maximum three and five quarters ‘Yay Days’ in one year. Limiting factors include: Being Swedish, Not Knowing How To Appropriately Quote Monty Python and the much disscussed; Liking Hugh Jackman. Extra ‘Yay-Days’ can be granted if you are Joss Whedon (or closely related), Neil Gaiman (or closely related) or Scott Lynch (or if you simply have ‘Lynch’ somewhere in your name).

*** To decalre a ‘Yay Me Holiday’, you have to file a request to the International Committee of Yayness, which will judge your need based on your answers to these questions: 1. Will there be pineapples present during your adulation? 2. Will the pineapples be wearing suits or dressing gowns? 3. What is the air-speed velocity of a pineapples? Et cetera ad infinitum.

**** i.e. just above the Swedes.