Hello, you!

Yes, you, you weird lookin’ fella staring down at these words. You must’ve roamed far and wide across the ‘Net if you’ve ended up here, and I bet you’ve seen some weird lookin’ things, too. I bet you’ve been to the dark side of /b/ and back again, and I bet you’ve cursed yourself raw as you’ve whittled away the wee hours of the morning, procrastinating without much cause or reason.

But that’s just the nature of things, I reckon.. It’s all good now. You’re here. So let’s begin.

This is a fairly common story of a fairly common guy, who’ve always tried to be fairly uncommon but always fell sadly short of the mark. But let’s not hold that against him. Kids, you know. Trying to be whoever they think they are, and ending up something entirely different.

The story begins at birth, which by all accounts went over as well as can be expected. The blogger in question was delivered, presumably washed clean and shipped back to his parents, who tried to their best not to fuck him up too badly. When they were done doing so, they held their breath and snapped shut their eyes, and prayed to whatever deity was listening, that he would be the best boy he could be.

The blogger, being a lad with a liking for poor excuses, decided that this was perhaps asking a bit too much, had a go at “as good as can be expected”. Life is, after all, a resource in limited supply, but you can never be quite certain when you’ve run out of unfullfilled potential.

The blogger now spends his days excavating this resource while studying Tromsø at the University of Tromsø. Sometimes he writes about it here on the blog, but mostly he writes about things that aren’t that common and downright boring. Well, he tries, but can’t be faulted if it ends up not being the case.

It was you, after all, who ended up this side of nowhere.

Let’s hope you stay awhile.

– Jon Magne Kleiven, 3/1/2011